WEEE Policy (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations

At adidas, we champion environmental stewardship as an integral aspect of our online retail operations. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing our customers with the means to responsibly recycle electronic goods in alignment with the stringent WEEE regulations. These regulations mandate that each Member State bears a legal obligation to curtail the disposal of WEEE in landfills, thus safeguarding our environment. The core essence of the WEEE regulations is to proactively address the ecological repercussions when electrical and electronic equipment reaches the end of its operational lifecycle.

The Implications of Neglecting WEEE Regulations

It's a stark reality: over 75% of discarded electronic products end up in landfills. Within these disposed electronic goods reside lead and other toxic substances that have the potential to inflict soil and water contamination, culminating in adverse impacts on human health and the delicate ecosystem. Electronic and Electrical Equipment manufactured after the 13th of August 2005 is mandated to feature a prominent crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on their packaging or product. This symbol serves as a critical reminder for homeowners to conscientiously separate their WEEE from standard household waste, fostering responsible disposal practices.

Your Role in Fostering Sustainability: Reuse & Recycle

As responsible global citizens, we all share in the collective duty to promote the reuse, recycling, and other avenues of WEEE recovery, as mandated by these Regulations.

Reuse: When your electronic equipment remains in operational condition, contemplate extending its life by passing it on to individuals or organizations that can derive value from it. Schools, clubs, and residential homes, among others, often welcome functional equipment that can find renewed purpose.

Recycle: Upon reaching the end of its functional lifespan for you or those in your network, make a concerted effort to recycle your electronic equipment whenever feasible. Should you find yourself unable to secure a new home for your electronic item, numerous local organisations specialise in the responsible reuse, recycling, or repair of electronic and electrical equipment for charitable and sustainable initiatives.

Adidas Commitment to Responsible WEEE Management

In the improbable event that you encounter challenges in finding a new home for your electronic items, adidas  is here to assist you in the responsible disposal of your electronics, fully in accordance with the WEEE regulations. Our disposal service is extended to clients on a like-for-like basis. For instance, if you purchase a treadmill from us, you can trust that we will oversee the proper and compliant disposal of your old treadmill.

Kindly be advised that a nominal fee is typically associated with equipment disposal through this service.